Astyptodyne Classic


All Natural Pine Oil Products
Founded 1906
This bottle has represented Astyptodyne Chemical Company for more than 60 years. The bottle and label has changed over the years, but the contents still remain the same.
4oz. Classic
Shown here
The original Pine Oil Liniment from 1906. This miracle oil has been known to cure everything but a broken heart. Made from the resinous wood of the Long Leaf Pine tree, Astyptodyne has been a southland tradition for more than 103 years. Used for muscle and joint pain, cuts, bruises, scratches, sunburn, fire ant bites and so much more!
Available in 2oz or 4oz
Amber Brown Glass Bottles

4oz. Bottle As shown

FDA approved, safe & effective
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Use as a liniment or athletic rub. Apply freely and massage well several times a day to sore muscles and swolen joints. For all other treatments apply to affected area 2-3 times daily.

Do not bandage open wounds or burns.

For external use only.
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Cures all but a Broken Heart